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I'sithk Lith'sy'kaa La'izz du
Go'a'sitsh s'iz I'f'ick La'izz

- Oath of the Gray Order

Gray, life's way, blend of all things.
Gray, we are as one.
My world is dying. This is not talk of an emerging peril. My world has already recieved the killing blow. It slowly gasps for air, approaching its final breath. I seek enlightenment as to where my world and its people went wrong.
I am not alone in this pursuit.
The Gray Order, my brothers and sisters. Much like a S'lashka clan, they are the only family I have. We are mainly S'lashka, but there are others among us as well. We believe there are worlds beyond our own. Worlds that hold the key to understanding what went wrong with our world. When the alignments are right, the Order shall send me to explore another world.
If S'lashka are found there, I shall blend in. If not, I shall don my disguise and assume a new name.

- Third Testament of El'drith Da'k'liss of the La'izz K'sithk