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Zhangar gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Zhangar jpg (Zagnor) 250x400
Zhangar sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Zhangar sketch-full body (Neobolts) 315x350

Cross gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Cross jpg (Zagnor) 284x400
Cross sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Cross sketch-full body (Neobolts) 356x350

Vostok gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Vostok jpg (Zagnor) 257x400
Vostok sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Vostok sketch-full body (Neobolts) 279x350

Valeria gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Valeria jpg (Zagnor) 224x400
Valeria sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Valeria sketch-full body (Neobolts) 319x350

Zoe gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Zoe jpg (Zagnor) 224x400
Zoe sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Zoe sketch-full body (Neobolts) 289x350

Syriel gif (Zagnor) 150x170
Syriel jpg (Zagnor) 224x400
Syriel sketch (Neobolts) 150x150
Syriel sketch-full body (Neobolts) 300x350
Large Versions
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Zhangar Large (Zagnor) 538x800
Cross Large (Zagnor) 569x800
Vostok Large (Zagnor) 513x800
Valeria Large (Zagnor) 447x800
Zoe Large (Zagnor) 449x800
Syriel Large (Zagnor) 425x800

Group - Girls (Zagnor) 536x400
Group - Guys (Zagnor) 576x600
Group - Everyone (Zagnor) 702x400