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Vostok Sundabar
Player: Fallout

RaceHuman SexMale Class 1:Versed Warrior Lv5
AlignmentNeutral Good Age23 Class 2: Fighter Lv2
DeityRandiru Height6' 4" Class 3: Field General Lv0
HomeWorld Three Weight230 lbs
LeigeSome Queen Chick HairBlack XP??
EyesBrown Next Lv28,000

Strength20 Hit Points77 -Armor Class- -Saving Throws-
Dexterity10 Normal23 Fortitude+11
Constitution16 BAB+7 Touch10 Reflex+2
Intelligence12 Init+0 Flat Footed23 Willpower+3
Wisdom12 Move40 Touch &10
Charisma14   Flat Footed

Battle Axe +2+14/+91d8+920/x3Melee--
Composite Long Bow+8/+31d820/x3100'--

-Skills--Feats--Class Abilities-
Bluff+5Blind FightingFearlessness!
Climb+6CleaveQT: No Escape
Diplomacy+11Great CleaveQT: Breaking the Seige!
Jump+15Great Diplomat
Knowledge: History+4Power Attack
Knowledge: Tactics+9Power Lunge
Listen+3Weapon Focus: Battle Axe
Ride+5Weapon Specialization: Battle Axe
Sense Motive+3
Profession: Sailor+1


R-Hand L-Hand Armor
  +1 Battle Axe   +1 Full Plate   Large Steel Shield
Headband Lenses Cloak
  None   None   None
Amulet Robe Vest
  Natural Armor +2   None   None
Bracers Gloves Rings
  None   Gauntlets of Ogre Power +2   Flame
Belt Boots Psionic Skin
  None   Striding and Springing   None

GOLD: 571

Other Magic Gear Other Mundane Gear