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The known life of Vostok Sunabar
(Recorded by Rose Fireheart on her newly built clock work sound recorder)

.........Hello? Is this working? It’s on? Ok then. I’ll start now. (ahum)

Vostok’s Parents (Gan Sunabar, the farther, and Joanie Sunabar (pre-marriage sir name was Madden)) met in unusual sercimstances to say the least. But they fell in love none the less, and were soon married. They settled down in Gan’s hometown of Eagle Harbor in the far northwestern part of the main continent (well in the territory of the Kildare people and below the notice of the empire)

Vostok is the first son (and a rather hansom boy to boot) of the family but was not the first born with him having an older sister. Soon, he also had two brothers and two more sisters to join him. He had also knew and had strong relationship with the grandparents on his mother side. The grandparents on his father’s side passed away before he was born. Vostok’s family, even with notable accomplishments of his parents, did not provide as much wealth as they wanted and they lived in a lower-middle life style in that harbor city.

Vostok showed an early aptitude to be a strong and capable man even with the lack of any normal schooling available in the city. What more, he quickly showed good moral fiber and a powerful iron will. He wasn’t bull headed, but he would figure out ways to gain or earn what he wanted. He periodically came into conflict with the local young toughs when he encountered them picking on others who were unable to defend themselves. In doing so, he gained some very strong friendships with those he had fought for. Especially with a slightly younger meek girl named Rose Fireheart. (Yes, well I mean myself) She kept an eye out for him and got him to read books instead of just using them to reach top shelf. With out her, he wouldn’t have gotten far in life. But with out him... she would have become nothing... or even have lived...................(ahum)

But this mostly peaceful life was not meant to be for very long.

Vostok’s farther was an adventurer and a wildly successful ship captain. His flawless ship handling and navigation skills along with the Kami’s favor with the winds allowed him to do almost impossible feats on a ship. He was able to chart many previously unknown parts of the world for the first time. Doing so brought some degree of fame to him but worldwide renown and fortune never happen. It did however bring him into the notice of ‘important’ people and groups.

One of these people was the newly anointed emperor of the ‘Golden Empire’, Cao Lu. (This occurred during Vostok’s early teen years. The previous emperor, Cao Lu’s farther, died in a ‘mysterious’ situation.) The emperor was more ambitious than his farther and much crueler than him. There was already growing internal strife within the empire’s government and people of importance, Especially the enlightened and highly talented people. The concept of ALL people having civil rights and the idea of a republic form of government has taken hold within many people’s mind. Cao Lu is not going to stand for any dissention under his reign.

The idea of a new form of government was already running lose in the general population, so Cao Lu played an effective ploy upon the empire. He made an enemy in the minds of the people that distracted them while he cracked down on the dissenters. He framed the Kildarern people as terrorist and rebels. He sent the army to occupy and crush the will of the northern people. Cao Lu further used Vostok’s father’s discovery of new lands as ‘foreign nations’ that ‘threaten’ the safety of the empire and it’s people.

Little did Cao Lu and his government know that there WAS a foreign nation that was opposing the empire. For decades people (mostly rugged commoners and good-hearted wise intellectuals) have secretly been immigrating to another continent that was unknown to the empire. A newly formed nation of ‘The Free Republic of Galway’ was formed from the refugees from the empire. But keeping the Republic a secret was impossible from the Cao Lu regime and they were found out. Making Cao Lu’s illusionary foes into real ones.

Using the newfound foe as an excuse, Cao Lu began revamping and retooling the army and construction of an all-new navy to deal with the Republic. In turn so did the republic, but the gap was just too great to over come so quickly. New thinking was needed to save them selves. Thankfully, great thinkers were what Galway had in abundance.

The republic was also sempatetic to the plight of the Kildare people and began to secretly reach out to them. Many of them joined up with the republic as resistance members. They also noticed Vostok’s farther (who also joined up) and chose him to be a part of a major plot that will change Vostok’s life forever.

The Republic (though secret agents) was able to make contact with Cao Lu’s most favorite concubine, Hikari Ri. She being the most intelligent, skilled, and beautiful woman in the Empire made her to be a perfect concubine. Unforchunly she did not wish to become one, especially to Cao Lu whom she despises. She converted and became an agent of Galway. The secret agents assisted her in an attempt to assassinate Cao Lu in hopes that it will prevent a major war resulting in the deaths of countless people. But Cao Lu was far more cunning than she realized and the attempt was foiled.

The truth of the crime was not immediate and she was not pointed out to be the assassin so quickly. This allowed Hikari was able to gather up a large amounts of secrets and vital data about the Empire (with out them realizing it) before she made her get away. With the help on many secret agents assisting her escape to the northern lands in hot pursuit from the elite palace guards. Among those who helped Hikari was Vostok’s farther. Knowing that she can not be safe anywhere within the reach of the empire, they had to take her to the republic territory. The safest (and closest) port to sail her from was Eagle Harbor.

Vostok (in his teens at the time) realized what happened and his family and his friends (Myself among them) helped to hide her in his home. Over hearing an emergency council with the city leaders (all who had secretly allied themselves to the republic) He realized how vital Hikari was to the Galway and how desperate the situation had become. Vostok's siblings and friends [including myself] took a vow to sail with her and to protect her as best as we could.

In hindsight, we all would have sailed with her anyway. Vostok’s family and friends were all connected with Hikari’s escaping from an angry Cao Lu. And in his wrath, Cao Lu ordered the port town of Eagle Harbor population to be massacred and the city leveled. The city leaders scrambled to have as many people to get on boats or to flee on foot from the city before army arrived. We ran to grab what we could under the cover of darkness that night before we hustled to the docks. Vostok, his family, friends and their families, and I boarded the fastest ship in port. It was one that Gan and Vostok had used quite often and was in excellent shape and was prepared for sail just in case things went bad with Hikari’s escape.

Even with the weak winds that night, we made surprising progress. But, Eagle Harbor...the Empire’s army arrived faster than we thought... Before most of the population could escape.... We were about a mile or so out when we started to see the fires start...Even I heard the screams and the sounds of battle as those who couldn’t get away in time were.... The glow from my hometown lasted well into the night....... I cried so much that night. But he was there, my Vostok was there with me all the way till I fell asleep in his arms............

Oh, I’m sorry. I was rambling off there. Anyway....

The next few days were rather confusing and a bit messy as to everyone had to readjust to being on a ship for along time. (it was the first time I ever spent any real amount of time on a boat embarrassingly enough.) The journey went for several months in fact, that mostly due to the evasive maneuvers Gan took to help shake the Empire’s navy pursuit of us. We had many strange encounters on the open ocean and even stopped here and there at a few uninhabited tropical islands for rest and to gather some more provisions. We thought we were in the clear, but we were wrong.

The Empire had sent out a hastily prepared newly built interceptor ship and using the same mysterious mystical powers that I too have to track us over hundreds of miles over the open ocean. They caught us by surprise as we were pulling away from a rest stop and boarded us. Our crew and all the adults fought back against the boarding parties very fiercely than the under trained sea thugs were expecting. Not only was the boarding repelled, but also they took over the other ship! But during the battle, three of the empire’s thugs slipped below our deck looking to kill or capture Hikari. Between her and them were us.... the fight was nasty. Even Hikari tried to help. All of us were injured...later on two of my friends died from their wounds.

We dropped one of the thugs, but the other two were enough to get to Hikari. As they lunged for her, I felt increasable force welled up from inside me and extremely bright flashes of light exploded in front of the murderer’s eyes! It was the first time I used my incredible powers! Both the light and what I did stunned the creeps in mid stride. Everyone was stunned for that matter except for Vostok. He grabbed a battle-axe from their fallen cohort and he fought both of them once more with it. Vostok slayed the scum in a rather messy manner. That was the first time my Vostok told me that he had to kill anyone.

After we secured the other ship, ‘dealt’ with the remaining Cao Lu’s cronies, and tended to our wounded, poor Vostok was in bad shape. Not just physically, but mentally too. He tried to hide it, but I knew he was very shaken. As I was attempting to console him, Hikari came to us and thanked us personally for such incredible acts of bravery. She gathered all of us who were left, and told us that from what has happened today solidified her resolve to topple the corrupted and cruel Empire. She told us that she would run for the Prime Minister post of the Galway Republic so she could (with all the insider knowledge that she knew) lead us to victory. From then on, all of us became good friends with her.

By moving some of the crew and skilled enough passengers over to the captured interceptor ship and we sailed it beside us. Gan stopped using evasive maneuvers and we just sped as fast as we could to the republic. Thanks to an increable strong winds, we got there much sooner than most of us realized.
Sailing in to the republic’s port of Kewinna, we were quite a sight to see. We had already sent message pidgins before hand to tell them were coming, but we didn’t have any birds left to tell them of our battle. Needless to say, it was a tricky explaining to the Republic fleet that it was just us and not the Empire. After things were settled and we were allowed to drop anchor (an important Harbor for Galway) we had an impromptu victory / welcoming celebration from the townsfolk.
In the days that followed, the refugees from Eagle harbor were integrated in to normal life once more. But normal life just would not return to Vostok and his oath brothers. Something new was born in our minds and hearts during those times. That was the desire to see justice for all those who suffer under the boot heel of Coa Lu and to see the over throw of the Empire and to have a free republic in it’s place. We all believe (and still do) that the change will stop the cruelties and opportunism exploitation of the common folk from the noble class.

In time Hikari did full fill her promise to become the new Prime Minister of Galway. Under her leadership, Vostok and many of the oath brothers [including myself] joined the army’s newly formed Boldrix’s Raiders to return to the empire’s shores and cause as much mayhem in secret and to gather as much info as we could on their forces.

Of the many tasks Vostok did during those days I can not say for they are still classified and I do not want to run the risk of that information to fall into the Empire’s hands.

But... It was that day. The day we attacked that cult in Copper Gulch. Those dreams of mine that came the night before filled me shock and over whelmed me. The kamis told me that my Vostok was to be taken away! But I was also compelled not to speak of this or to stop him in anyway. So in the end, no matter how words fail to describe my feelings, I remained powerless to change Vostok’s fate. As he struck down that cultist... a wave of eldritch power washed over him....... and he disappeared...... in a flash of light.

Everyone thinks my Vostok is dead.... [( sound effect of a woman sniff back tears)] But I know better... My kami every so often sends me visions of him. Of my Vostok traveling and fighting evil –THINGS- that I can not describe.

[(sound effects of some one wiping their eyes)]

I know he’ll come back to me! I KNOW it! I--- ................. you’re right. I need to rest. Um, now were is that- (click!)