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Dear Father,


††††††††††† It is I, Vostok, your caring son who is writing to you now. If you receive this letter the gods have granted you a kind mercy. I know I have not been able to write to you and the folkís back at home for many weeks. We have been on the move for along time and have been in many raids; so time enough to put pen to paper is scarce.


††††††††††† I know not of motherís condition but if she is well enough, please read this letter to her or with her has health allows along with the rest of our family. My words I put into this letter are important.


††††††††††† Our forward insurgency is having mixed results. We are crushing the roving patrols and sacking points here and there, but I fear it is just not enough. Our manpower is still strong and we do pick up fresh troops and supplies from our sources. But regardless of what we do, the empireís army is rebuilding and strengthening for the coming war with the republic. As best as we can do here with what we have, we can only buy you all some time to prepare yourselves and hopeful acquire badly needed information.


††††††††††† As to myself, Iím holding up well enough. I know I have grown stronger and far more tougher sense I left you all last. But we all are mostly tired and any rest seems far away. Rose is still with us and in good condition given our situation. But I know she is suffering the most of us all from all the constant weariness. She tries to hide it, but I can see the truth. I will admit that she has become more endeared to me more now than ever in my life. Our friendship has changed for the better in ways I can not even begin to describe. When this is over with, I will ask her a question only she knows the answer too. When we return, Iíll let you all know what that means.


††††††††††† A more serious note now. There will be a battle tomorrow with a new enemy. To keep our menís spirits up and fear down, our commander has told us that there is a newly formed assault unit that the emperor has made with in striking distance of us. But Rose and I know the truth.They are not with the empireís forces, for they are cultists that we have never encountered before. Who or what they worship is still unknown, but obviously very foul and very dark. There are hundreds of them and they are descending onto a large town called copper gulch. They will reach it by morning at the latest. Who knows what they will do once they reach it, but I fear the worst. Rose has told me that something very terrible will happen at the town, but she refuses to give me any more details. Her connections with the gods must be giving her prophecies once more. I donít want to think that the gods will be against us tomorrow.


††††††††††† This will be the biggest battle I will be a part of so far in my life. But I have made a promise with Rose. That regardless of the out come of this fight, after this is done, that WE will return home and live in peace. I will make good my word on this....


††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††††† Vostok Sundabar